Layover Guide for Foodies

The best way to use your layover - by eating!

So you’ve booked your plane tickets and there is a layover between your home and your destination.


Don’t waste it by staying in the airport lounge!


Here are a few tips that will help you try local foods during the layover:


  1. Find out how far the airport is from the city center or restaurant area


Some airports are close to the downtown area and some airports are REALLY far. You have to find out how long it would take for you to visit the restaurant and return. Otherwise you would miss the flight!

Also, don’t forget to take the time required for check-in and luggage storage into your consideration. Which leads to my next point.


  1. Try not to bring all your luggage during your food adventure


I know it took a lot of time and moxie to carefully arrange all your belongings but if possible, don’t bring everything outside the airport for your stopover.

The best case scenario is if the airline transfers your checked-luggage to the final destination.

Otherwise, just take your carry-on (put only travel documents, money, essential clothing and a light camera) and find the luggage storage inside the airport – usually they keep it for 24 hours at the same price – and drop your hulking luggage off!

After filling your tummy, you can just pick them up before checking-in!

Bonus tip: the lighter you travel in general, the better time you’ll have.


  1. Know where you want to go before your plane lands


I’m all for spontaneity when you travel – how else can you become really immersed in the experience?

However, during a layover, you need to optimize your time.

Pick 1-2 places to go based on how much time you have.

I strongly recommend making a reservation way ahead and best to have it during off-peak hours (earlier or later than normal dinner hours).


  1. Be flexible


With all that said, stay flexible with your plans.

Since you’re only staying in the stopover location for a short time, things may not work out exactly like you wanted.

This is where the spontaneity comes in.

Just find out the closest street food or fun food experience in the city and make your way there!


With the all the tips above, I’m sure you will make the best out of your layovers!